Stop overthinking and just do

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I’m so guilty of overthinking things. So. Very. Guilty. I can think of a million things that could go wrong, if you let me. What if I fail? How often should I write? How often can I realistically create content? What if my TMJ never gets better? What if I start a painting project and I never finish? What if I exercise and eat right and I don’t look or feel better?

On and on.

Stop overthinking and just do 

Overthinking actually motivated me a lot when I was younger. It made me strive to do better and to work harder. Many of my friends at that time were under the assumpion that they were going to be young forever. That was scary to me and drove me to work my butt off. When I started in the museum field I overthought my way into grad school because I didn’t feel up to par with the other lecturers. I overthought my way into working for prestigious museums because, gosh darn it, I deserved it after studying so hard. So in that aspect, it served me well. But today? Not so much. I don’t have an organization’s umbrella over my head. I am my organization. I am my umbrella. I’m building my own foundation and, let me tell you, it’s hard to overthink your way into something that isn’t formed yet without feeling stifled. With a university or company, you have something tangible in your field of vision. Not the case with a business you’re starting. I have to constantly check myself or my mind will just race with “what ifs” and that is no way to be productive in today’s self-starter world.

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The good news is I did have an aha! moment thanks to my friend Lorraine from Viva Fifty. I ocassionally send her a DM when I need someone who has been there, done that. I vented and let out a million “what ifs” about starting my business, rebranding and organizing my day. Her response to me was exactly what I needed to hear.

Just. Do.

Those two simple words stuck with me. Really, that is all it took for me to stop the endless thought cycle. This is coming from a woman (with a creative mind like me) who runs a popular lifestyle site in addition to being an author and speaker. She also has 3 teens under her roof. She has no time to waste wallowing in doubt. 

Whenever the “what if” thought creeps into my head I literally tell it to be quiet. Shh. Not now.

My just do list includes…

Morning exercise
Work (which is different every day so I rely heavily on my planner)

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You get the point. It’s about getting in the zone and quieting all the noise in your head. Otherwise, you won’t get anything done. I put on my music and essential oils diffuser and JUST DO. This pace has helped me stay more organized and productive. Less overthing and more doing has helped me keep up with my health, editorial calendar and batch tasking, which is a technique I’ve incorporated into my life that I swear by.

The mind is so powerful, my friends. If you’re sitting there overthinking that next project. Get it started. Even if it sucks at first. Just do.

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