the teen chapter

I have officially embarked into the world of parenting a teen boy. It’s a new chapter filled with voice changes, self-expression and, wait, is that a mustache? My son is now interested in things like personal style, watches … and cologne. He likes a good suit and a nice pair of sleek shoes. He also loves sports jerseys, sneakers and jeans like any other kid. Except now, more thought is put into it.

As his mother, it’s super important to me that I give him his space to express himself and discover things that he likes. Have fun. Play around with looks, trends and those simple things that makes being a teen fun. If your son is transitioning from boy to teen, and you’re now being told to wait outside of the dressing room, I wrote a fun piece (guide, if you will) for this new chapter in both of your lives- I talk about everything from skin care and shoes to pants and hair. It’s a fun time, and I wish more stylish alternatives were geared to boys becoming men. But hey, that’s the beauty of blogs. Check it out!

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