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June 30th is Social Media Day. What is that, you ask? It’s a global movement started in 2010 by Mashable to celebrate the digital revolution we’ve seen happen right before our eyes.

Coincidentally, I recently wrote a post about my transition into the social media space from the museum world, and how it has completely transformed my life. Like many people at one point or another, I had no idea how powerful this tool could be when it came to uplifting communities of people. From international affairs to pitching in to save lives, social media has moved mountains and united our world in unimaginable ways. The collaborative voice of people who want to make change is a force to be reckoned with, and when used responsibly, platforms like Instagram, FB, Twitter and the like are sources of inspiration, empowerment and unity.

Companies like Ford – innovators that are near and dear to my heart – are putting it out that we can all make a difference and go further with social media. This concept is an evolution for me because for a long time I was a die-hard art connoisseur who believed in keeping the integrity of art free from marketing strategies. But as museums started embracing this format and extending the conversation outside of their gallery walls, which isn’t accessible to everyone, the light bulb turned on. And as a multi-cultural Latina who worked tirelessly in guerilla-style fashion to bring art to children who would otherwise not have the experience, I more than quickly wanted to jump in and join the movement. I started a blog, collaborated with museums to bring their programming and collections to the social media space and embarked on a new career connecting Latina influencers with brands that wanted to work with the fastest growing community online to elevate and bring forth much needed dialogue. And as I sit at the most instagrammed hotel in LA, The Line, while planning our next collaborative move, I can truly say that I’m now a die-hard social media connoisseur as well.

Celebrate with me and follow the hashtags #SMDay and #LlegaMasLejos, and share how social media has made an impact in your life!

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  1. Social media is great! For me it’s helped me stay in touch with and make new friends around the world, and I agree that’s it’s a tool for democracy and change as well. Great post!

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