The world would be a better place if …

When my son started high school, I immediately signed up for the PTA. Even though I knew it may be a bit difficult to take on one more thing, it was important to me that I be part of the school somehow. Shortly after signing up, an opening right up my alley appeared. I became an arts chair for a program that involved setting up an arts contest at the school called ‘The world would be a better place if …’ that would continue on to state level. No sweat, I thought. This sounded like a lot of fun, and it was! Well, until I got sick. But somehow everything still worked out (with the help of an awesome PTA chair). In October, I put out a call in the school newsletter for art work  and collected the students’ work. I was so inspired by their motivation and enthusiasm. It reminded me so much of my own portfolio prepping teen years. After all the entries were in, I picked three winners and then the district picked theirs. The winners were so happy – But I still wanted to do something more. We had  35 entries in photography, literature and the visual arts that needed to be seen. So I contacted a few places with my idea to have an art show.
I soon learned that putting up a high school art show in the area was not as easy as I thought it would be. Of course, the high school itself was the natural first choice but I was aiming to take the show outside of their walls into another space. No reason. Just thought it would be cool. After waiting months for a lead, the school mentioned they were having a TEDx day, where kids will be displaying many of the art pieces they worked on throughout the year. This was the perfect event to add the contest to! We got in touch with the librarian and put the show up in the entrance of the library. This marks as a first for the school, and I’m so proud we figured out a way to make it work. It’s a bigger incentive (I think) for more kids to sign up next year, like my, ahem, son. He dreams of being a filmmaker. Hoping I can get him to write a short screenplay for the contest, maybe? That would be cool.
PTA art activities
He did help me put the show up. He and his two friends woke up nice and early on a Saturday to go over lists, match names to work and hang the work. It looks great. I think the library entrance should always have art work up. There’s always next year!

If you’re like me, and can’t dedicate day hours to your child’s school, there are lots of different things you can do. Schools always need help. If it wasn’t for the PTA, the kids would not have programs like these. The art teachers were thrilled as well, and made sure to get work into my hands. Excited for Fall!

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  1. Your son has always reminded me of someone & last night I was catching up on Veep, he resembles the handsome guy, Dan Egan on the show. I don’t know the actors real name, but on the show, he looks like your son. Just wanted to share. You have a very handsome son. He gets it from his mama.

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