Letter to mom

During one of my mother’s recent visits to Europe, she picked up this beautiful quill and ink set for me from a boutique in Italy. She knew how much I would love something like this. She always thinks of me, no matter where she is or what she’s doing – even at my age, she’s never stopped trying to make things special in some way, big or small. In fact, my recent trip to Miami could not have happened had she not flown here from Texas to watch over my son. During her stay, she not only did all of the things grandmas do, but she worked tirelessly to make my home more functional and accommodating to my very busy schedule. She created a better organization system for my kitchen, cleared out my cluttered storage space, had my carpets cleaned, made better use of my closet space, and so on. She thinks of the things that matter, and does what she can to make sure that I feel loved and thought about.

Mom, thank you for your endless love and support. If you were here, we would have spent Mother’s Day having lunch together or shopping for shoes (our favorite pastime). There are also lots of art shows happening right now that you would have enjoyed, and next time you’re here we should spend more time doing that. I love you, and none of what you do goes unnoticed. You’ve left bits and pieces of love throughout my home, and you’re truly missed. Happy Mother’s Day.

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