Manifestation of sisterhood

Are you trying to find your tribe? Looking for a group of sisters that speak to your soul? Are you over drama-filled people and inauthenticity? I hear you. I was there several years ago.

In 2010, I distinctly remember telling my mom (in my most exacerbated daughter tone), “I want to find a group of like-minded women. I want to be part of bigger conversations. I want to be in-the-know of what’s going on in the world outside of this bubble I’m in.” My mom just looked at me like “okkkaayyy??” But I just had this yearning to be part of a sisterhood, and I could not quite put my finger on what my soul needed. At this time, it was just a quiet knock but I knew I wanted to surround myself with strong women who were making things happen. What things? I wasn’t sure of that either. Art? Politics? Education? I couldn’t say, but it was the beginning of what I was about to manifest in my life. I put it out there, and it came back to me 10-fold.

Manifestation of sisterhood

It was during this time that I started theArtMuse. I wanted to create my own content, make connections, find other moms, writers, art historians and creatives. My internet use was very intentional and focused (for the exception of goofing around once in a while but thank goodness for my short attention span). This blog was to be my little corner in the digital world, where I get to share what inspires me. I was open to where the road would take me. I had no plans to monetize or become a brand (it was still a new concept back then). I simply wanted an outlet that would hopefully lead to connections with these “like-minded” women I envisioned in my head.

While searching for blog communities, I looked up two words that would forever change my life – Latina Bloggers. That random search led me to Monique Frausto, who used to have a directory of Latina Bloggers. Soon after that, I met Ana Flores, who became my dear friend, mentor and boss. She had just launched her company, Latina Bloggers Connect. I trusted them and they trusted me, and things took off from there for all of us in different ways.

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One by one, the like-minded women started appearing in the form of an amazing recipe developer, a muralist, an author, a mom of 6, a lawyer turned actress, a body image advocate, a teacher, a nutritionist, an editor and so on. I met women from all walks of life who were all seeking meaningful connections.

The universe led us to each other. None of it was a coincidence. Each and everyone one of us were brought together to co-write our stories and share a new journey together.

If you sound like I did in 2010 and want to find yourself a sisterhood or tribe that gets you, here are a few things to think about.

Declare it. Who are these women? What do they like to do? What kind of energy do they have? Be clear on what and who you want to surround yourself with, and own it. Do not focus on what isn’t. Spend zero time and energy on what does not suit you. Own what you want in your life and surround yourself with that amazing and wonderful energy.

Envision it. Our mind is very powerful. If it’s full of drama and negative thoughts, you best believe it will manifest into your reality. No matter how tough life got for me over the years, I never let go of the idea of being surrounded by love. And no matter how many times I let negative thoughts rent space in my head, we had an understanding that it was only temporary and that their lease would be up soon. Envision what you want and who your like-minded sisters are, and stay the course.

Reach out. Don’t sit and wait for people to reach out to you. When I found Monique on Twitter, I sent her a tweet and an email. When I found Ana (on Twitter too), I sent her a tweet as well and invited her to an art event I was putting together. I guess the art field has made me very immune to rejection so I really didn’t think much of initiating contact. I know it’s easier said than done but don’t let fears stop you from making connections.

Ana and I now celebrate sisterhood in all its beauty at our conferences and city-wide events, as seen in the video. And Monique is still one of my dearest, most cherished friends. Between her vegan beliefs and my gluten intolerance, we currently drive waiters crazy nationwide. 

The people we attract are our mirror. What we think and feel eventually becomes tangible and reality in our lives. It’s up to us to decide what we want to manifest. There are women out there waiting to meet you. Go make it happen!

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