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big bear the artmuse
big bear theartmuse
big bear theartmuse
I took a bit of a blog break after Thanksgiving to organize a few things to help my work flow a bit better. Sometimes you have to step away from everything and be with nature to gain some perspective on those daily to-do lists that quickly become irrelevant once you unplug. We took a trip up to Big Bear for my beau’s birthday last weekend, and had an awesome time. It took me a while to come down from the high of a busy schedule to really take in the beauty of peace and serenity. It. Felt. Amazing.

We drove high up into the mountains, approximately 7,000 feet elevation, into crisp skies, plush trees and beautiful views. We stayed at the Sleepy Forest Cottages, which was perfect for two people looking to get away. The room had a fireplace and small kitchen, where we sat and had our morning coffee together before going out to explore, eat, shop, hike and ride horses.

If you plan on making a trip for two, I totally recommend the pancake stacks at Teddy Bear Restaurant and filet mignon at Evergreen Restaurant. I don’t have enough experience traveling up to the mountains so I can’t really suggest lodging but we really did enjoy Sleepy Forest. Nothing beat laying down by the fire at night before bed and getting up early to take on a few trails.

During our hike, all I kept saying to myself was I can’t believe I’ve lived here for several years now, and have never been to Big Bear. It’s so close and such a needed difference from the typical Los Angeles climate and landscape. Definitely plan on heading back this winter for a family weekend. My son loves the snow, and there were a few slopes I’d love for us to try! There are a few more places on our short travel list that I’m currently researching. There are way too many beautiful things in California to do, especially when you need a quick get away to clear your mind and relax.

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  1. Love, love, love all the pictures! I’ve lived in SoCal my whole life and I still haven’t been to Big Bear :( Will have to make a trip out there soon.

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