Wine and cupcakes in Santa Barbara

I guess it isn’t necessary to say that I drank wine and ate a lot of cupcakes? Pictures speak for themselves but I can’t leave you hanging without details. I must share the who, what, why, where and how because I want you to go to Santa Barbara and visit Fess Parker and Saarloos & Sons.

Santa Barbara wine and cupcakes

Last week, Sprint and LBC hosted a day of wine tasting in Los Olivos. Fifteen LA based Latina Bloggers spent the day learning about whites and reds, the beauty of chipotle macaroni salad, the art of cupcakes paired with wine and if you like Rosé, it’s OK to tell the wine snobs to back off. It was a much needed relaxing day with a breakfast and lunch bonus prepared by my favorite foodie duo Nicole and Ericka. Trust me when I say their food is as good as it looks. Ask Fresh and Easy, if you don’t believe me! More pics HERE and HERE. Have an awesome Friday!

(Thank you Sprint and LBC for a fantastic day!)

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