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There’s Ana looking to see what else can we achieve and conquer. And that’s me, certain we can do it all. As much as we work — even on days where we just can’t keep our eyes open anymore — we love what we do. We are just two girls with a vision. Always inspired. We love community. We are passionate. We are moms. Friends. And some say, we even look alike. I guess that happens when you’re around someone so much in person or through text, Skype, email and air planes. Lots of bonding takes place (even without speaking) on a 5 1/2 red eye flight to NYC from LA after trying to complete a 5 day work load in 3 days.

We attended the #LATISM13 conference at the Waldorf Astoria, where we worked, hung out, barely slept, tweeted, instagrammed, interviewed, Facebooked, photographed, hugged everyone and ate, ate and ate some more. But before we treated ourselves to pastas, pizzas and desserts, we spent much of our time with one of favorite clients Johnson & Johnson. As part of our collaboration with the brand, Ana interviewed Univision’s Dr. Juan River and Raquel Garzon, who actually made me rethink the way I do things when she said that when you’re multi-tasking your IQ drops 10%. That explains a lot! I’ve tried cooking and working at the same time, which almost always resulted in burned food and unfinished posts. One thing at a time if you want to do it right.
We loved seeing everyone and taking in the city as much as we could. And as usual, we laughed, we cried and inspired one another. And speaking of inspiration, you didn’t think I would go to NYC and not sneak into a museum? I had very limited time but I decided to swap lunch for Picasso. I will get that live this week! Until we meet again, New York!

(In the pics: Daily, Denise, Kathy, Divina, Nicole, Melissa, Maura, Danielly, Silvia)

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