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Whenever I tell people that I named my agency Blue Lotus Collective, they either tell me they love it or they wonder why. The next question is if I offer massages or acupuncture along with social marketing. Um, no. 

I’ve always been drawn to the lotus flower and the symbolic meaning it holds for many different cultures and religions. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the lotus flower is associated with purity, beauty and spiritual awakening. The blue lotus, specifically, is associated with victory of the spirit over intellect and knowledge. In Hinduism, the lotus is typically depicted with gods and goddesses and symbolizes beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality and eternity. In ancient Egypt, it was noted that the lotus retracted into the water at night and surfaced again during the day with the sun making it the symbol of awakening.

Blue Lotus social media marketing

What I love the most about the lotus flower is that it’s rooted in mud and brightly resurrects to the surface with its petals high above the water. The blue lotus is usually depicted as half open ready to emerge. It’s in the in-between state of awakening and having a closed mind, which resonated so much with me when choosing a name for the company.

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Having gone through illness and big changes in life, I was in my own muddy pond for a long time with my health issues. That experience came with many tough lessons but I knew that I would emerge from it with a lot more clarity.

But what does this awakening have to do with social marketing? Well, having worked with bloggers and lifestyle brands for so long, I learned quickly that we all have a story to tell but many of us are afraid to put ourselves out there. We’re not sure how to share and we fear no one would listen. We’re stuck in our heads about starting that blog, launching that businesses or connecting with like-minded communities on and off line. Our thoughts keep us in muddy waters and its up to use to emerge from the noise and share our journey or amazing idea with the world. The blue lotus is the metaphor for quieting all the talk in your head and connecting yourself to your spirit and essence in order to share and be of service in the online world. As an agency, we simply guide you through the tech waters but the story and vision is your own. We also want our clients to know and feel they’re in good hands.

So that’s where the name came from, my friends. Right now, the agency focuses on social marketing with a focus on visual storytelling. But I have lots of different ideas for the direction I’d like us to go in. One step at a time. Or shall I say one petal at at time?

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