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2018 is the first year I will be focusing on my blog, content and strategy on a more full-time basis including running my boutique agency, Blue Lotus Collective. It’s going to be a very full year, but I’m super excited for all that is to come – the good, the bad, the ups, the downs. Bring it!

To get things started, there are a few things I’m setting into place:

Morning routine

I’m starting with the toughest thing for me to do – sticking to a healthy morning routine. I’m great at getting up and starting work right away, but that is so not a good way to start the day at all. And I know this. It’s a bad habit that has been so hard to break, especially after years of waking up to a full inbox from east coast clients. I always found it hard to ease into the morning. 

A morning routine is extremely important for me if I want to have a successful year. As I mentioned in my peri-menopause post, my naturopath has me on a long list of vitamins in the form of capsules, oils and powders to make up for quite a few deficiencies in Vit Bs, D, C and L-Carnitine. Most of these need to be taken in the morning with food, without food, in a shake, alone – I mean, it’s a whole thing all on its own before I can even have my coffee. 

By the time I’m done in the kitchen, I feel pretty fueled. I started using this energy to burn some calories by using the Popsugar Active app or their Youtube videos. I’m loving it! I used to go for morning walks but since feeling better  I’m able to do more strenuous cardio. I push myself a little bit harder everyday. I’ll be sure to update on those results in another post. 

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Home organization

I work from home so I need to have everything clutter-free (even though I’m the first to cause a lot of it!). I’ve spent the last few days purging, clearing out and organizing my work space as well everything I need to create content – my closets and drawers for style posts and kitchen cabinets for food posts. If I don’t need it, it’s been tossed or given away! Making room for new ideas feels so good. 

Editorial calendar

I’ve tried everything when it comes to really REALLY sticking to an editorial calendar for this blog. Truth is, I need things written down. I’ve tried in earnest to jot down my ideas in a Google calendar or spreadsheet, but there’s something about pen to paper that helps me commit to the idea much better. 

There are tons of organizers out there, but this year I’m going to use one from Blue Sky (specifically this one also found at Target). I like checking things off, crossing them out and even doodling in an idea that isn’t fully formed yet. Whatever it is, I need good old fashion pen and paper. 

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To not overwhelm myself, I’m breaking down my content quarterly. Right now I’m focusing on all of my ideas up until March, at which point I will sit and evaluate how I did and if I met my goals. Same goes for Blue Lotus. I have a separate set of goals for client work and what I’d like to see happen before the quarter is up. 

That’s it for now, and that is enough!



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