(travel diary) miami

After my trip to South Florida last year, I gotta say, I love Miami. My scenes this time around were not as vivid though – We went east to attend Hispanicize and found ourselves with a heap of work that couldn’t wait. Most of our time was spent in the hotel room working (no beach!) and doing our best to socialize, and meet the fabulous bloggers and clients we have the privilege of working with. At night, I did manage to sneak away with my Miami native beau and enjoy a few romantic South Beach meanderings. I stayed a few days extra, and found solace at Morikami and realized I really, really need a better work +life balance. Looking back at that luscious beach, I wish I had the time to take in the sun for a bit. Next time, I’ll be sure to stop by the Atlantic for a long overdue visit.

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