Trip to the White House

I can hardly believe that it was only a few weeks ago my son and I headed to DC. In internet years, that’s about a century or so. However, I could no longer move on knowing I had these jewels sitting in my image folders. 

Trip to the White House

While I was busy catching the inspiration bug at Blogalicious11 (I wrote about it HERE and HERE), my son’s grandparents drove down from Philly to give the little guy a tour of DC. This, however, has turned into my son believing that I have the power to grant him national tour guides and sitters whenever I have work or conferences out of town I do what I can for him. 

I’m so grateful he was given the opportunity to really experience DC and visit places he learned so much about at school. He was so excited to see the Lincoln Memorial and was surprised that the White House rooms were a lot smaller in person. He enjoyed the spirit of DC, the food, the people and the weather. After spending several days at the Gaylord, which is gorgeous by the way, I really wanted spend my last day in DC as a tourist. Of course, I went straight to the National Portrait Museum (post to come) and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. It was breathtaking. My son, in his 12 short years of life, was perceptive enough to appreciate the diversity of the everyone around him and watched in awe as people read Dr. King’s words out loud. How’s that for an extraordinary experience?

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  1. Your pictures are amazing! as always. It seems like yesterday when we were in DC! I planning to come back with my family, but probably I will wait until my kids are old enough to appreciate is beauty and history.

  2. I really enjoy your blogs when it’s comes to travel, places, and experiences, and send and aloha to your fam, from this fan, p.s can u recommend Any other latino blogger, preferred boricua, on art, music, and culture,? Gracias,

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