National Portrait Gallery

At this point I should just keep posting all of the pictures I have in my computer. I had a tough time deciding which pictures to choose, and when that happens my posts become more like scrolls. But that’s because I’m portrait obsessed. Take a look at my portfolio. Not one landscape in sight. They just never moved me like portraiture.

National Portrait Gallery

I could have easily stayed at The National Portrait Gallery all day. From contemporary to folk art, I was oohing and aahing from one work of art to the next and intrigued by the artist’s quotes that surrounded me. It was a very emotionally engaging and introspective experience for me. After my son’s wonderful visit to the Lincoln Memorial, he wanted to spend most of his time in the American Art Gallery looking at presidents. He learned all about government last year, so I think it’s awesome that he was able to bring his text book materials to life.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week. If you want to learn more about NPG’s education programs here you GO.

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