Spatial Interventions

a+d museum
a+d museum
One of the first things I noticed about LA in comparison to my hometown of NYC was the mountainous landscape and architectural design of many homes and businesses. It definitely took me quite a while to adjust to the modernity of the city, as I was accustomed to much older designs in combination with modern structures. It was a style that I only examined through art shows (like Frank Gehry’s contemporary home centered in a neighborhood of Spanish style villas – an architectural model featured at the Guggenheim several years ago), books and documentaries about modern design. Living here (and standing on patios held up by stilts on a cliff for example) has peaked my interest in how designers create these beautiful living spaces within nature.

A few days ago, I attended the Come in! S,M,L,XLA exhibition at the Architecture + Design Museum (A+D) to take a peek at projects that could possibly be developed- large, small and everything in between. And did I mention that a few of the installations were interactive causing us to have a little too much fun?
architecture and design museum
From architecture, graphics, digital media, sound art to jewelry, landscape, lighting, product and textile design, the show collectively represents the ideas emerging artists have for the city of Los Angeles. When you can be part of the art, it’s totally worth a visit. On view until August 31st.
a+d museum
Thank you to A+D for helping out with the pics in this post!

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