This Bronx girl will always light up at the sight of a bit bling and graf. The sound of a spray can calls me back home to simpler yet grittier times in NY, when the streets were alive with the works of some of the best street artists alive today (and when I say simpler, it’s because I was like, 9).

I’m always excited to see what’s happening at Self Help Graphics – It’s one special place that reminds about the process of art making before the world takes note. I was invited to their annual fundraiser dinner about a month ago, and had the absolute honor of sitting at the same dinner table with artists Patssi Valdez and Jaime “Vyal” Reyes. They pimped out the Lexus turned canvas you see above. Highlight of the night had to be hanging out in Vyal One’s impressive art studio. I quickly realized that being BX born doesn’t mean one can throw down on a wall piece. The ability to spot a Taki 183 means nothing. I suck, and pretty much use a spray can like a blow torch. Vyal One kindly showed me several times how to get soft lines, use my wrist and hold the can properly. I will spare you the result of my work. The movement is like a dance and requires a tremendous amount skill. I left with a new found respect for graf. I’d only experience the illusion of ease artists posses when creating a piece. But then again, that’s the beauty of SHG – you experience art first hand. Cocktail dress and all.

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