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How’s that for a beautiful stream of photos? It’s like we walked into the pages of Juxtapoz magazine. Oddly enough, we didn’t even know about this show. You see, our subscription to Juxtapoz and our weekly online calendar review is obviously not enough for us to see that this show was going on. It’s like the information went into some mental black hole or we are getting really old, really fast. I don’t get it. But, as art fate would have it, we got to see it during its closing reception. It was by accident too. We headed down to OCCCA to see their Iphone photography exhibit (currently editing to post this week) and then strolled through Santa Ana’s Artist village, which we’ve never been to before. Out of curiosity we walked inside The Grand Central Art Center only to find the most beautiful and terrifying world of uncertainty called Suggestivism (curated by Nathan Spoor).

Step by step the show featured an ape’s allegory, a polar bear’s adventures and an eery yet beautiful account of the four seasons – It really was a spectacular collection of the best in Lowbrow art, including my favorites Audrey Kawasaki and Tara McPherson. Spoor’s efforts in illustrating a new ideal of beauty was successful. The show goes down on the 17th and is worth a last minute trip if you’re not too far.

(Carrie Ann Baade, Elizabeth McGrath, Tara McPherson, Mia, Kris Kuksi, Michael Brown, Chris Mars, Audrey Kawasaki)

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