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line hotel
Remember that POT restaurant post? The one with the amazing Korean dishes like BBQ Galbi and Kimchi fried rice? Well, that restaurant is located at the LINE Hotel, where the We All Grow Summit (W.A.G) is going to take place (I write all about the summit here). We’re very excited to have this conference at the LINE in Koreatown. It’s so important for us to show the different cultures of LA. The ones you don’t see on TV and hear about in music. When I first moved here, it was either the west side or the valley … and nothing in between. That is, until I started going to art shows around the city, which gave me a whole new perspective about this new place I call home.
line hotel
The LINE is perfect for W.A.G. From the Sydell Group, Roy Choi, Houston Brothers, Sean Knibb and Poketo, the hotel defines collaboration and vision. Latina Bloggers Connect was founded on that principal – Community. Together, we support bloggers and brands in building authentic collaborations. When the two meet, lots of magic happens – stories are shared and long-term relationships are developed. And like LBC, the LINE is loud and proud about its cultural pride, diversity and roots. Every where you turn, you will be reminded of the area’s many cultures and urban subcultures illustrated by the strategically placed religious candelas, bowls of fruit, lollipop roses, tamarind sticks, stickers and bodega bowls of candy placed around the bar.
the line hotel
Then there are the outdoor areas like the Commissary, which is a greenhouse focused on fruits and vegetables and homage to all the people and families in Southern California who work on farms to bring food to the table. What’s there not to love about that?
line hotel
Aaaah, the accommodations. These beautifully designed concrete rooms have a fantastic view of the Hollywood Hills and city sky line. With desks as headboards (which is an awesome use of space), it’s perfect for those, like us, who need our laptops to pay the bills. I’ve spent many nights during travel on the computer in an uncomfortable chair. I really like how you can face the sunshine while you get that to-do list done. Also, note the upholstered chair in a vintage Mexican serape. Another added touch that celebrates the cultures of the community.
line hotel
You’ve probably seen this picture before. It was shot during my first visit to the LINE when Ana introduced me to the space to check out all the cool things W.A.G. guests will be a part of. This random picture is actually one of my favs, as it features art (Curtis Jere Birds In Flight) and my work (which also takes place on my phone)
Too bad the conference takes place in February or you would have found me by the pool the whole time. Surrounded by citrus trees, flowers and the Commissary, this might be may favorite spot in the entire hotel. The jury is still out on that one. I will need to test this out during warmer seasons.
line hotel
And, finally, here’s part of the WAG and LBC team taking it all in by doing something we rarely do – Relax. Like I said, we’re excited (nervous, anxious) for the launch of this summit. Moreso, the opportunity to unite with old friends, colleagues and meet new talent and future partners. Great hotel for this kind of reunion. If you want more info, check out the LINE hotel site. Until the next post!
line hotel

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