plumed serpent

I absolutely love being in the presence of deities, gold, turquoise and Mesoamerican artifacts. It feels so majestic. One of my favorite places to visit is the Museum of Natural History in NY. I spent many hours gazing at Moche vessels, wondering what they were like and trying to read their codices. I felt the same spiritual presence during LACMA’s opening for Plumed Serpent. Another deity that has always fascinated me is Quetzalcoatl – and how his followers flourished as a cultural, political and artistic society successfully resisting Aztec and Spanish control. Children of the Plumed Serpent: the Legacy of Quetzalcoatl is up and ready for your perusing. Oh. You have to see the turquoise covered skull. I collaborated with LACMA during press day to get the word out via Twitter – the image of the skull proved to be a favorite amongst those who did not have access to good ole LACMA. If you do – no excuse. See you there!

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