the supernatural in art

Well, I just disappeared, didn’t I? October is always the craziest month for me. We are in full swing school mode, fall sports … and birthday time! Yep, my little guy turned 12 last week. I will share all the birthday fun in another post. In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about a cool project that this here guy is involved in. From October 17 through February 5, 2012, The Getty will feature an audio tour for kids, by kids called Demons, Angels, and Monsters: The Supernatural in Art. And, one of the recorded voices used for the tour happens to belong to my kiddo. I blogged about it a while back (which got screwy when the blog was redesigned but still legible). Super fun! The tour features several creative and imaginative kids sharing their thoughts about demons, angels and dragons all with a connection to past cultures and their views on the supernatural. If you’re west, I hope you make it out and have your little ones listen to the tour!

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  1. What a wonderful experience this has been for my niece Kayla. Kayla will also be featured in the Getty audio Tour. Will not be able to attend the preview, but she is very excited and i had my promise to take her by the end of next week.
    Take care,

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