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I remember my first copy of Latina Magazine. It was 1996. I was working for a banking firm at the World Trade Center as a front desk receptionist. I did this while I worked on getting my teaching credentials and applying for grad school. It was lunchtime, so I headed over to one of the restaurants on the main floor. Tons of magazine stops everywhere. I will never forget. The word Latina caught my eye. The cover had a picture of Jennifer Lopez. The title Bronx Meets Hollywood. I was like “who is this woman”. The rest is history.

Happy 15th anniversary, Latina Magazine!

Thanks to the wonderful people over at Fleishman-Hillard.

*update: CoverGirl just posted a few pics on their Facebook page. I love this one. Allow me to introduce you to some of may favorite people.

Jose, Monique, Ana, Silvia, Dariela, Caryn, (me), Sandra, Cindy, Sydnie

(Latina Magazine party sponsored by Cover Girl. My dress/belt: Anthropologie. Purse: Jasleen Boutique. Booties: Report)

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  1. That’s the first one I remember seeing too! I was an impressionable teenager and I thought to myself “wow, finally a magazine for us.” I fell in love with Latina magazine from that point forward. Great Post, and as always, Great pics!

  2. I was in my friends bathroom and saw Latina Magazine thrown on the floor. Jennifer Lopez was on the cover. I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I read it from front to back.

  3. Wow! Beautiful photos. I remember the first copy of Latina Magazine too. It was such a welcoming option to the standard magazines. The Magazine spoke my language, my gestures and best of all it included tips and consejos from fellow Latinas. My favorite magazines were the ones with Gloria Estefan (I’ve always liked her) on the cover or any brown skin Latina. I looked forward to it then and still now 15 years later.

  4. I totally remember my first copy of Latina magazine, too! I was fresh out of college and had started my dream job as an Assistant Producer at Univision in Miami. I always knew I wanted to work within the Latin media industry.
    And then I saw the magazine, and I felt even more validated and knowing my gut was right. We were “coming out” style

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