Richard Artschwager!

Here’s the Richard Artschwager retrospective (mentioned here and here) I attended a couple of weeks ago at the Hammer Museum. The exhibition features over 145 works spanning six decades, and includes (as you can see) sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs and prints. According to the Curator Jennifer Gross “Artschwager had come to the realization that art lay as much in the seeing as in the making—that it lay in one’s perspective on things, not just in craft. While he would continue to be an object-maker whose attention to detail was ‘fanatical,’ he was determined that his future efforts would be applied to things to be looked at, to what he identified as the ‘useless’ realm of art.” What I enjoy the most about his work is that it doesn’t really fit into a particular category – Every gallery space had its own story and offered something new. As the viewer, I was able to take part in the artist’s exploration of the world around him as he blurred the lines between illusion and reality with each work of art. If you live in LA (or visiting), the show is up until September 1st. Check it out!

(pics c/o of the Hammer Museum)

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