Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair

I’ve read a lot of buzz about the Affordable Art Fair and was actually really excited to see a collective of galleries in one space, particularly those who focus on contemporary pieces. For a huge event, it didn’t feel overwhelming. There was enough breathing room to take in much of the work, talk to gallerists and engage with the artists. I circled about 10 or so times and found that I may be going through a sculpture phase, as they seemed to grab my attention the most. But where? Where would I display some of these pieces? I suppose when I get that mansion, I can have a crushed can man greet you at the door and be referred to as whimsical. In a townhouse – not so much. I would just be the crazy lady next door.

For now, I’m still in the beginning stages of my art collecting, starting with smaller painted pieces that may be considered on the safer side. But if you’re in the market for whimsy, representational, abstract … or if ya just like art – the event runs until Jan 22nd. There’s a variety of work to choose from for new collectors (like me) and veterans.

Thank you LAForce + Stevens for the invite.

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