Miles Davis art project

Miles Davis art project

So my son looks over at the Miles Davis print, construction paper and glue and says “That’s it? This is all we are using?” After working with paints and glitter the last few months, I decided to stick with something a bit more rich in overall experience and less on materials.

For this project, we honored Black History Month by taking a closer look at Romare Bearden’s work. I read a few book entries and we watched several video clips of the artist. We talked about collages, and decided we were not going to draw but instead spend the next hour carefully ripping pieces of construction to the tune of Miles Davis. The “art” part of this project – for me – was the dialogue it created as we worked. We talked about shows, the cats, music and food. Everything and anything.

About an hour and half later, we were done. He was surprised that all we used were two colors and that he didn’t have to draw anything to create an art piece. I mean, we could have. But for this project, I chose to focus on the process of ripping and gluing while following the design and listening to jazz.

(Black and white Miles Davis print by Tania Tornoff)

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