The Huntington

I find museum gardens incredibly soothing. Remember my Kirtsy slideshow?

The Huntington Museum

One of the places I love to visit to feel close to nature is The Hungtington. My son and I were reading his chapter on Ancient China when it occurred to me that we could take a little journey back in time. It was an afternoon of music, art and tea (for one). We had the most expensive lunch ever, but enjoyed every bite. I kept it to just this garden and the Ancient China Mirror and Bronze exhibit. We’ve also added a few things to our life meets curriculum mix – like yoga for kids. After my son completely poo-pooed the idea, he took the class and found that yoga is so his thing. We also watched a documentary on Buddha in which we discussed (a lot) that in the world there will always be pain and suffering. Not everyone will get along. Conflict will arise. But how can we accept the things we have no control over?

I’m a very candid person, so I shared many stories of situations I could have handled differently and how the noise in one’s head coupled with a lot of learned behavior can create a cycle of unconscious decisions. I’ve had to remove a lot of stress causers in my life over the last few years – many of which required an explanation – in order to find inner peace. And with these teen years quickly approaching, I want him to understand he has choices. The timing of these chapters are interesting because through them we are both able to talk about how his education plays into real life. Studying

Ancient India and Ancient China has evolved into what is starting to sound like a Deepak Chopra seminar. But – I strongly feel the “school” and “life” gap is finally being bridged by the understanding that learning is a life-long process.

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  1. I think what your doing for your son as a mother deserves very much respect. My hats off to you Mrs.Matos for giving your son the best of both worlds education and enriching life lessons.

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