An afternoon at The Getty

My son was asked to be part of The Getty’s latest education initiative. They recorded the voices of children discussing some of the pieces at the museum for a new audio tour. I got to listen in and, I know, I’m going to sound biased but I’m very impressed with all that he said about sculpture and stained glass windows. It made me feel so wonderful inside. I thought, ‘Wow, he actually listens to me when I talk about art’. All of his museum trips have done exactly what I wanted them to –  they gave him the ability to articulate thoughts and analyze works. All hail to museum education. It works!


After the session, we wandered around marveling at the work of Richard Meier, who is on my list of geniuses.


In the back of my mind loomed ideas for a Mother’s Day blog carnival my friend Ana told me about hosted by MCAF – an organization supporting children’s rights to clean air.  They are asking mothers to share their hopes and dreams for their children and what kind of world do they wish for them to grow up in.


If we don’t take care of our environment, how can we enjoy museums like The Getty? If we continue to destroy our surroundings, how can we stroll through a sculpture garden, look at the blue sky from within the museum space and roam through the galleries of a museum whose architectural beauty relies on its environment?


I made a promise to him, to myself, and to my future family, that I will be more cautious. I will do my part to make sure I don’t waste water (an issue my son takes up with me too often) and I will educate myself on how to live a more eco-friendly life.


All of this is so necessary. Henry Moore’s Mother and Child sculpture sits on this garden beautifully. I would like it to stay there for my grandchildren to enjoy.


To all my fellow mothers, have a wonderful Mother’s Day. xo

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  1. My niece was also a part of the recording. She loved it and loved spending the day with her TeeTee.
    Thanks to the Getty for the experience.

  2. What a proud mom-moment that must have been! Especially the realization that they don’t always tune us out, even though it feels like it most of the time. Your beauty and wisdom is definitely being passed on.

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