Gateway Japan at the Torrance Art Museum

Gateway Japan at the Torrance Art Museum

I can keep posting pictures for days. The ‘Gateway Japan’ opening at the Torrance Art Museum offered us so many visually interesting images to photograph, we may have over done it. The show bridges the similarities and differences between Japanese artists and Japanese-American artists. The inter-disciplinarian approaches to this idea were all the more fascinating – from three dimensional accounts of Japan’s economy to sumo wrestling – the opening alone was not enough time fully digest everything. I chatted with as many artists as I could and will be exploring this topic a bit further in an essay I’m writing. I’ll share more details very soon.

I would also like to applaud the museum’s website, which is not something I typically do. The current exhibit is on the homepage with the artists work and name along with a curatorial statement ending in questions for the viewer.  It opens a dialogue and provides alternative ways in which to view the show.

There was also a fundraiser. Check for that tomorrow!

(Pictures: Mitsuko Ikeno, Jocelyn Fore/Wrestlers – Daishochi/Wakanoho, Akihiro Yasugi, Ichiro Irie, Yuki Yoshida/my son, Akira Shikiya, Shingo Francis, Yuki Hashimoto)

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