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Over the moon with excitement. I am working on an art show/fundraiser … and I just acquired a space. I have tons of work ahead of me but so many wonderful opportunities are coming my way, I am overjoyed. More importantly, I am grateful. I have been in the museum field for quite some time now, and like many  curators who have been in the safety net of a museum name, it is scary to just venture solo. Fortunately, all my museum experience has given me the tools I need and I am beyond excited about the possibilities.

Of course, when I enter a new phase in my life, I run to my hair stylist Mei and request some new thing. It’s always been my way of shedding the old. This time, instead of giving her picture references, I said “I want to look my age”. I wanted my jaw line accentuated, I wanted layers, I wanted it to feel light and sophisticated. I am 37. I am a proud 37 year old woman. For a long time, as an actor, I played younger (for those who don’t know, I dabble in acting as well). That was fine and I’m not complaining … but, I like my age. I like women my age. I like characters my age. I signed with a new agency that “got it” and are not youth obsessed. Will casting and clients see me as what, let’s face it, many of them perceive a 37 year old woman to look like? Can’t say. But today I was so happy to be in a room with beautiful women my age. Albeit, my castings won’t be as often … it’s all good.

I have a show to plan!

(lipstick, polish/Revlon, maxi dress/JealousTomato, bangles/H&M)

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