Holiday Metallics

So this “I only wear black for the holidays” lady decided that red was OK too (I will be sure to share the outfit details next week because I love this jumper). For today’s post I would like to share that I’m totally hooked on jewelry tattoos. Completely hooked. First, let me say that when I saw these around the web, I thought it was a pretty trend for the youngins. It was something I admired from afar, but never thought of getting them for myself. Coincidentally, around the same time, Bling Tattoos reached out to me about their product so I jumped at the chance to try them out.
You can’t see it here, but I created anklets and back tattoos just for fun (because I got carried away). But to go out, I used the patterns as bracelets and rings, but you can design an entire arm or leg piece with these. Trust me, once you apply one, it’s hard to stop.
If you want to try these out, there’s a 20% off holiday sale going on right now. Check out their blog for ideas!

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