for the love of shoes

My name is Rachel and I’m a shoe addict. I hunt for shoes. These cute vintage booties were in a line up and my eyes could not get off of the red ones. Sadly, they were not my size. They are never my size.

What are your thoughts on vintage shoes? My mom is coming into town today and I know she would never wear shoes that have been worn before. I can see her point, but some pieces are hard to pass up. I love a simple clothing palette with an interesting shoe, bag or accessory. I usually find that in a vintage store. I wonder if I can convince her … Where do you guys draw the line when it comes to vintage?

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  1. But there are soo many brand new beauties out there to drool over! Have you seen the Christian Dior and Miu Miu on sale for 50% off. I mean an extra 100-150 bucks or so and you can have a pair of these priceless puppies. I’m with your mom worn shoes are not my thing at all.

  2. I always look to see how worn the shoe is. I bought one pair of espadrilles at a vintage shop that appeared to never have been worn. I just could not pass them up!

    Those boots look great! Sorry they’re not in your size.

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