Archaic Revival

I’m not sure if Dani Tull’s expectation of the Archaic Revival would include a gallery wanderer who found her own subconscious “tribal connectivity” with other wanderers within the boundaries of LCP’s space, nor do I think he would care but I needed an opening sentence. As you can clearly see from above, I was much more fascinated by the guests than anything else. I found the dialogue between the work and the people a form of art on its own and pretty much decided that would be my experience of the show.

All that said, the exhibit – void of people – stands on its own as a fascinating study of how indigenous cultures and ceremonial practices have been re-contextualized in the modern Western world through the works of 31 established and emerging contemporary artists.

So, I present a wonderful, colorful stream of people draped in rich, thrifted beauty because they are no longer at LCP. However, the show is still on – until February 26.

(Photos 2, 8, 9 taken by Noel Mollinedo)

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