The Wall that Talks

Here I am in my “leave me alone” attire. Busy, tired, the candles been burnt at both ends, etc etc. You know the feeling. We’ve all had it in some way or another. And like you, I can’t stand that feeling. Once I’m there, I need to find solace. Peace. Thoughts become feelings way too quickly.  So, I either draw, grab a book, meditate, take a walk, a run. Whatever feels right at the time. Some days I simply seek the comfort of a delicious latino spot – because it feels like home.

It was “one of those” days for sure but the night was gorgeous and calling my name. It was brisk and soothing. We ventured to one of our favorite little Mexican spots. On the way, with one eye open, I spotted this beautiful mural. The colors were so brilliant. I immediately felt a shift in my mood. I related to every image I found. The indigenous (Aztec/Mayan/African) and traditional religious icons took me back home to my own indigenous history. Quetzlcoatl’s appearance in the mural,  reminded me of my Incan and Taino roots. Although I am not Mexican, we are latino – a proud group, a passionate group, with a multitude of beautiful cultures, histories. We are different. We are the same. Clearly, my mind just went into another place.

When I got home, I researched the wall and learned that it was painted by a group of artists in 1995, some of whom were as young as teenagers.

Oh, and what was I stressing about earlier? I can’t even remember.

If you have some time, check out the article I read about the mural.  Hope you all have a phenomenal weekend!

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