A few weeks ago, I decided to park my car in Highland Park to check out a few of the new shops, cafes and art galleries that I’ve noticed sprouting up over the last few years. It’s always fun to check out smaller shops and boutiques with original and vintage items. It’s good for the soul to steer away from mass produced things, which seems to be just about everywhere you look these days. I was so inspired by York Blvd, I invited my son out for an afternoon of sandwiches and art.
I think one of my new favorite places right now has to be Align Gallery. The space itself is just fantastic. Huge windows with lots of sunshine peeking in and a back patio fit for parties and events. And if their current exhibition is an indicator of the kind of shows being produced here … I will certainly be back for more.
Currently on view at Align is LA based artist Sequoia Emmanuelle, whose stunning photography left me in awe. Her work is a mix of film, graphic and set design mixed in with high fashion and theatre. As you can see, the work is exploding with color and texture. My son, who is really not an art buff (although he grew up with it) was stopped in his tracks. That made me very happy, as these pieces and the space reminded me so much of the underground art scene of New York during the 80s and 90s. I like that he got to somewhat feel that energy in a small way. Because really, there’s no feeling like it.
Some of the headdresses featured in Emmanuelle’s work were designed by mixed-media artist, Daniella White. Aren’t they stunning? My son said they reminded him of Queen Padm√© Amidala’s stunning costumes in Star Wars. Personally, I wanted to wear one but that would be a big no-no. But hey, her work is designed to bring out one’s inner beauty, wild side, and higher self. This Leo is always ready to wear her feathered and jeweled mythical headdress. The temptation was real, my friends.
Daniella White is inspired by the natural world, feminine forms, mythology, music, art deco/art nouveau, tribal shamanism and mysticism, and uses many natural elements in her work – feathers, horns, vintage fur, jewelry and textiles from all over the world. There are so many details in each piece .. It’s simply breathtaking.align5
Who knew that a random stroll would lead to such inspiration! Sometimes you have to get out of your car, walk and discover! Oh hey, Amanda Lepore. aligncollage

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