Red Riding Hood

Portland Oregon based artist Lea Barozzi’s work can be seen in several galleries throughout the west coast.  Her work is a visual exploration of different emotional states. Her subjects, through an intense stare, engage with their viewer bringing them closer to their own feelings.

Lea continues to illustrate human complexities through her depiction of The Brother’s Grimm character Red Riding Hood. This evocative painting serves as the centerpiece of vulnerability and strength. The character, on her way to a safe haven, finds herself lost in a terrifying circumstance.

In light of our favorite red hooded character hitting the screens as of late, The artist would love to give one of my readers a signed archival print and handmade necklace of Red Riding Hood.

So, here is a super easy contest for you guys to get yourself an 11×14 archival print and handmade necklace (MORE INFO). The contest starts now and ends on March 21. The winner, selected from, will be announced on March 22. One entry per person. One winner gets both items mailed  within 30 days of announcement directly from the artist.

In order to be considered, you must answer this question and leave your reply in the comment box below. Seriously, that’s it.

What do you consider a safe haven for yourself?

Additional entry: Like Lea on FB

Looking forward to your replies!

Update: This giveaway closed

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  1. my imagination is my safe haven. I can escape the reality of this life anytime I close my eyes. Your artwork helps me venture into a new creative side of myself. Beautiful work.

  2. hmm..
    My safe haven is: Knowing that even in the Darkest of times, there will always eventually be a future time when that situation is the past; a distant memory and you are smiling :)

  3. My safe haven is being by any body of water or in the mountains, preferably alone. Since I can’t arrange that often (at ALL), music is my sanctuary. I sing whenever I get the chance.

  4. my safe haven is …ME! ^.^ i’m at peace and am protected by the Universe n God! so whatever is meant to be or happen, will happen and I am A-ok with that :)

  5. My safe haven is a little street in West Hollywood by the name of Sawtelle Ave. It’s my go-to-place to get away from drama caused by family and friends. A lot of people find their safe haven through family and friends, but I feel even less comfortable or safe around mine, especially lately. When I go to Sawtelle Ave, I go to a specific area called Little Osaka, which has so many things to do! Such as eat wonderful Japanese food that isn’t just sushi, check out neat pop art galleries, and my favorite part of all… karaoke. :) I haven’t been in a few weeks, despite really needing this getaway.

  6. My safe haven is any, any ME time I get. In any way, shape or form. I feel safe and free when I´m dancing and doing yoga….added bonus if it´s on the beach.

  7. As weird as it sounds my safe haven is my BATHROOM! It has a lock and trust me I know how to use it! Its the only place I can go to be by myself and so I find myself retreating to it with books, laptop, and even my blackberry. It’s def. my oasis in a home full of testosterone!

  8. The love and respect of my family, the healthy laugh of my daughter and my ability to maintain that despite the wolves within and without.

  9. My safe haven is in whatever book, music, painting or commiserating with nature…I get lost in what they conjure up in me!

    Thanks for asking!


    The Latino Theater Club….food does it too!

  10. my safe haven is the apt that i share with my beloved Sean and my sweet little dog nume; there is no place like it in the world, even on my worst day just coming home gives me so much peace. i love the art its amazing, it moves me i am very draw to the works!

  11. My safe haven is in music. Whether I’m singing in the shower, recording for an album, or singing at the top of my lungs while driving down the highway, music is my safe haven. It takes my mind off of anything that is troubling me, it brings me joy, and it inspires my artwork. There is no “place” else I would rather be than in music.

  12. My safe haven…is my music. It is also my occupation….I feel most comfortable sitting @ my piano and closing my eyes and just letting my hands take me where they will…I love to improvise and explore the inner reaches of my soul and heart by playing for hours on end! That’s My Safe Haven…has been for a
    very longtime…it is a gift from God & I love to give it back to humanity as best I can everytime I play!

  13. My safe haven comes in my solitude that I experience when I go out on a trail run. It’s just me the hills, the open space, conquering the hills and clearing my mind of all self made anxieties.

  14. It’s silly, but I always feel safest on those nights when my 2 kids crawl into bed to with me and my husband. I love having my family right next to me.

    1. I don’t have a safe haven. I have many. Including, in the company of true friends, doing yoga, writing, painting, being curled up underneath a stack of blankets, looking through the viewfinder of my camera, cooking…. I live my life with a positive outlook so, I can find safety in just about anything. :)

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