Mikey’s black book

Here we are back at MoCA with my 3rd post about Art in the Streets. I had to blog about the member’s opening. I was going to post this weeks ago, but my workload did not allow much time for photo editing the hundreds of pictures we took that day.

I was so excited to take my son to meet the artists. Not only did he meet them (they were all so gracious with their time and super sweet) they signed his black book. The beauty of this book now is that the signatures are – art. This precious book has since been stored under lock and key.

Everything has been written about this show. So, for this post, I will just indulge in pictures and names – Henry Chalfant, Street Market snippet, Futura 2000, member’s opening line, Rosie Perez, Jayson, Risk and Saber.

Fab Five Freddy was so sweet to my son. He chatted with him about old school hip-hop, Grandmaster Flash, Tribe … Oh wait, I should probably tell you that my son is 11 going on 45. He listens to music from way back, watches the Cosby show and loves Lena Horne.

After his convo with Fab, we ran into Charlie Ahearn who laughed at their outfit similarities. At some point, we hung out at Ramelzee’s recreated loft, which was pretty amazing. Don’t think I could live there, but it seemed like a fun place to visit.

We also met Ken Swift, Mister Cartoon, Roger Gastman and Lady Pink.

Then we ran into Taki 183 and James Franco. My son went up to him and said ‘Hey, I’ve seen a few of your films’. That was super funny and he was very nice. Then Lady Pink and Lee signed the black book as well as Retna .

But … the highlight of Mikey’s night was meeting Shepard Fairey.

On the way out, we ran into Roger Gastman again. Mikey asked if Space Invader or Shepard Fairey were there (yes, he saw Exit through the Giftshop). In that moment Shepard walked in, Roger yelled out his name, and Mikey got to meet him minutes before we left.

The night also included lots of “he looks so cute, what is he wearing”. He is wearing an Urban Outfitters hat, F21 kids shirt and vest, Old Navy jeans, neon yellow indoor soccer predators and more importantly, a little red button that says “Save Japan”. And since we are on the topic of clothes now, I’m wearing a Guess dress I have had since the 90s. There are just some pieces in my closet I will never part with. Can it be called vintage now? Yikes!

Anyway, after the Fairey meet and greet, we left, grabbed some Ramen and put the black book away.

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  1. this is an amazing post and what a lucky kid! you kinda leaned on me while putting on your shoes at cheeseburgHer and i really had no idea who you were until i looked at culturemami’s blogher recap and saw your picture and then i remembered seeing a post from monique of curvesandchaos/blogsbylatinas – i’m glad social circles work like this because i love art and it’s good to know other mommies out there do too and expose their kids to good culture! you can lean on me anytime :)

    1. Hello and thanks for letting me lean on you. It was probably a save from hitting the floor from exhaustion.

      Love my fellow art loving mommies!

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