Ancient Hebrew Kingdoms was part of the lesson plan this month for Social Studies so we headed to the Skirball. It’s such a beautiful place. I’d been there once when my son was much younger, and didn’t realize how big the space actually was – we spent most of our time aboard Noah’s Ark. You can spend a lot of time in there if you have little ones.

This time around, we explored the routes from Rome to Israel, the intricate Menorahs and breathtaking Synagogue gallery. The museum covers the 4,000-year history of Jewish people – It merits several visits to really take it all in. My son had so many questions, and it was hard to just stick to ancient history. We will certainly be back for their programs. How about you guys? Did you ever visit the Skirball? Have you been to a museum that opened your world to another culture or religion?

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  1. What gorgeous photographs. It’s been a few years since I went to the Skirball, but my kids loved digging around in that archeology dig area outside.

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