A visit to Norton Simon Museum

A visit to Norton Simon Museum

Oh, hi. Those last two posts and my disappearing act is certainly not the way I want to start off the year. Perhaps three posts ago, I should have also mentioned that I am now homeschooling as well. And, of course my immune system would have it no other way than to slap me in the face with a cold that I cannot seem to shake off.

Sniffles and pale-faced, we spent an afternoon at the Norton Simon Museum bringing to life Intro to Hinduism. Snuck in some sketch-time too. One of the best ways to really explore the complexities of the gods represented in the work, I feel. So many details – a glance is not enough. And I can only talk so much before my son finds his arms ability to flap independently while swirling his torso to be more interesting. Needless to say, I’m thrilled that I can use a variety of teaching methods. You know, I only worked at the Norton Simon for, I don’t know, six years? I really thought I knew the collection. After yesterday, I can’t say I spent that much time in this gallery – really focusing on one topic. I’m really loving this homeschool life. A toast to the new journey!

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  1. wow just amazing, how i wish i lived a little closer. but i am so glad i get to see it and live it through your eyes. Thank you and your little helper for sharing

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