Luster at Petersen Automotive Museum

Luster at Petersen Automotive Museum

We recently headed over to the Petersen Automotive Museum to partake in a shopping spree hosted by Sassy City Chics. Tables and racks were filled with everything from jewelry to purses. There were so many vendors and designers showing off their latest collection, it’s very easy to pass up a great deal. However, my hat radar never fails me and I was able to spy a great look for summer.

I wandered off and did a bit of daydreaming about driving off in a 1932 Ford Phaeton. I had a Van Halen Hot for Teacher dork moment. I’m not a big car person but who could resist these beauties.

One by one the museum illustrates the technological evolution and the historical/cultural  importance of cars. I’d be really interested in attending one of their programs to go a bit more in depth and see beyond their brilliant exterior.

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