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When addressing the topic of duality and rebirth one must think of the two connected through the process of transformation. The initial duality perhaps emerging out of conflicts in accordance to the individuals own internal precepts and colored by the knowledge of their external experiences leads to this transformation which bares a reawakening or rebirth.

In Renacimiento the artists share their personal journey through cultural identity, conflictual relationships and the transcendence from our ancestry – Rachel Matos

Crowning my own kingdom … with life experiences (Acrylic 24×36)
In this work of art, I try to metaphorically illustrate the similar development between us and a maturing tree. My intention is to show my ongoing walk, into different paths and experiences of life. From the beginning genesis of my persona, from the first steps ever given on this heaven, taking me into different dimensions of this reality. The branches represent all the different dimensions of this reality. The branches represent all the different roads I have taken. The leaves represent all the beautiful individuals I have met along my journey. This is what I call “Crowning my own kingdoms with beautiful experiences” because when we die, our experiences will be the only thing we take back home with us – Art Chabolla


El es Frida Kahlo (digital installation)
Frida Kahlo constructed her identity though her public persona. Kahlo’s attitude, personal traumas, sexual escapades, clothing, and political affiliations, all informed her body of work.  Now regarded as the number one female artist in Mexico, Kahlo’s image has become so embedded in popular culture that when one looks at one of her self portraits one automatically thinks about her tragic bus accident, her tumultuous relationship with Diego, and her bisexuality.  Kahlo inscribed her identity, painting her image over and over, constructing a mythology around her persona.

In El es Frida Kahlo, I stand before a reproduction of one of her paintings. With a mixture of rage, anxiety, and complete fear, I chant “el es Frida Kahlo, ella es Frida Kahlo, el es Frida Kahlo, yo soy, yo soy, yo soy Frida Kahlo,” he is Frida Kahlo, she is Frida Kahlo, I am, I am, I am Frida Kahlo.  As I yell, the painting behind behind me begins to fall. I violently tear down my braids and smudge off my makeup while continuing yelling “I am Frida Kahlo, I am Frida Kahlo, yo soy Frida Kahlo!” – Maya Escobar

Look what you’ve pulled out of me (Watercolor/Acrylic 35 ½ x 25 ½)
The inspiration for this painting originates from personal pain and suffering, embodied in the scorpion, itself a representation of venom, death. Pulling out the scorpion is symbolic of the mental and physical catharsis of pain, a passage the self must suffer in order to begin healing – Danelle Rivas

Nuestra Madrecita Tierra (Acrylic 30×30)
Esta obra intenta hacer un llamado a lo profundo que habita dentro de cada uno de nosotros, un llamado a la unidad, al respeto, al amor, ente los seres humanos de diferentes colores de piel y para con  nuestros hermanos de hojas, plumas, pelo y escamas.  Intenta mostrar el enorme amor y bellesa  contenidos en toda forma y manifestacion de vida.
Pero sobtre todo, esta obra, intenta ser una muestra de profundo agradecimiento a nuestra venerable Madre: La Tierra, por sustentar nuestras vidas sobre su hermosa piel.
Gabriela Zapata

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