{Video} My Cruze to Vegas

Road trip to Vegas in the new Chevrolet Cruze Hatch

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Chevy to drive their new Cruze Hatchback to Vegas from LA to see the Latin Grammys. Um, me? Road trip? Vegas? Sign me up!

If you’re looking for a ride to take you around the city without hassle or if you’re planning a road trip, this little baby has got some nice pull. It also has a lot of room, which was surprising for a compact car. It also comes equipped with built-in Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and 4G LTE WiFi and has a host of safety features that made us feel pretty confident during our 5 hour drive. 

 Also. It’s a pretty darn stylish car. It’s certainly not your average hatchback. 

My Cruze to Vegas 

The Chevy team made sure we had a spectacular time, and we sure did. You can see for yourself in my first-ever vlog. Check it out. And if you’re on the hunt for a car, take a look at the Chevy Cruze Hatch. 

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