(Giveaway) Dove, Rent the Runway and a fear of flying

This post is in collaboration with Dove and Latina Bloggers Connect. The whole story shared here is all my own.
Here’s one of my most symbolic pictures to date taken in 2010. Standing on a runway with a vibrant red wool coat, it represents the time I finally conquered my fear of flying. OK, wait. Before I continue, let’s define the word fear. I conquered my “I am never flying. Heck no. Post 9/11 phobia. Did not fly for 10 years” type of fear, which is not to be confused with the anxiety I feel when we hit turbulence. Long story short, in 2008, after much contemplation, I finally got on a plane to Texas (my mother lives there). In 2010, I took another leap and went back to Texas. That day marked the beginning of many journeys I would take. Since then, I’ve been back to NYC (four times) and visited Chicago, Louisiana, Florida (three times), Michigan, Texas (two times more), Washington DC (twice), San Fransisco, Georgia and Tennessee. Those trips were huge for me. Every time I get on a flight, I feel stronger. Every flight I take is my spotlight moment, and when I land I feel proud of myself for not letting this fear stop me from seeing new places and experiencing new things. Now, make no mistake as I mentioned before, I do not like turbulence. Once the plane shakes, I break into a sweat. But so worth it, as you can see by these pictures.
travel theartmuse
Now what does a fear of flying and Dove have in common? Anxiety makes me sweat. When I sweat, I need deodorant. When I’m flying, I always carry one with me. Dove sent me their Clear Tone Skin Renew Deodorant right before my recent trip to Georgia. I was a bit nervous because I was flying a very bare bones plane from an airline I had never heard of before. I also made the mistake of reading Astrology Zone two hours prior, which warned about October being a disastrous month. What was I thinking?

Before this collaboration even happened, I was already going to share the goods with you all if Clear Tone could actually make its way through the challenge of a long flight to the east coast. Well, it did. I also like that it was very gentle and didn’t irritate my skin. It’s perfect for traveling, especially of you’re going to an event or have a presentation. I was actually flying to Georgia to a conference but I was also speaking on a panel so it was important for me to arrive looking and feeling fresh. Clear Tone worked really well, and I’m so glad it came in the mail when it did. I would love for you to try it. Better yet, how about a year’s worth of Dove products? And while we’re at it, how about a gift card to Rent the Runway for an upcoming special occasion?

Three winners will receive a one year supply of Dove Clear Tone Pink Rosa, a Dove Hair Daily Moisturize Shampoo, a Dove Hair Daily Moisturize Conditioner, a Dove Style + Care Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum, a Dove Style + Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse and a $100 gift certificate to Rent the Runway. If this sounds good to you, all you need to do is tell me your tips for luminous skin (even under pressure) in the entry box below. Giveaway ends November 15th. Winners will notified no later than November 18th. Good luck!

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  1. Hola Rachel, I totally get you. Turbulence is one of my least favorites things in the world but I love going new places and experiencing the world. I would really like to try Dove deodorant…I already love Pink Dove.

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