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Intrigued yet? I was (very much so) when I went to the Travis Louie opening a few days ago at the Merry Karnowsky gallery in LA. If you’re not familiar with Louie’s work, he’s a contemporary artist known for creating his own universe of characters with a special story attached to each of his creations. It was like a visual essay through time in a world that doesn’t exist, yet you feel like you were part of it.

Louie’s sepia colored daguerreotype acrylic paintings (layered like watercolor on graphite) are captivating in all their oddities, and I love how the stories of each painting played into the whole viewing experience. Each painting was followed by a narrative describing the subject’s life, which brought them to life and made them somehow relateable. To see more of Travis Louie’s work, head over to his site!

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