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In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been blogging my heart out. So much to say and share, my friends. So much. I decided to bring back my weekly series – A week in pictures – with some changes. Instead of posting photos as the recap, I will simply just write it down with, like, one photo. Mostly because I just feel this need to write. One photo will do. Maybe two. We will see what happens.

The second change is the name. The series now called Reflections. I will share things I love, feel challenged by, am working on, lessons learned and so on. 

Here we go. 

So last Saturday I went to Wanderlust with my boss and had an amazing time. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a zen triathlon that includes a 5k jog at the shore (ahem, we walked), 90 minutes of yoga and a 60 minute meditation. There’s also hoola hooping, great food and cool sponsor suites. 

Because of my TMJ issues, I’m very careful about certain exercises and yoga poses. I went in with the itention of taking it easy and just doing what I can. My C2 aka axis (the second vertebrae bone) is moody and always looking for a reason to go out of alignment. When it does that, my muscles tense up and I get vertigo. Knowing this, I still got carried away. Because that’s just me. About 80 minutes in, I was twisting and turning and just having a ball until, yep, the sky started spinning. Sigh. I pulled something.

I sat up, rolled my eyes and drank some water. And kept going. A little slower but I didn’t stop. I was in a groove. I know my body so well at this point, I spoke to the cranky muscle and C2 (outloud in front of people) like, hey, you’re not going to win and ruin my day.  The spinning only happens when I get up or lie down and then it settles, so it’s manageable until I get in some PT and see the chiropractor. Until we can get that bone to cooperate, it’s just going to happen. Patience has been everything with TMJ. 

I realized this week that I’m no longer afraid of my symptoms. There was a time when I would get so upset, worried and scared. Mostly because I didn’t undertand what was happening. But I gotta tell ya, the last few years have been so empowering I honestly just give the ocassional vertigo or ache a side eye and see it as a reminder to keep taking of myself. I have to keep stretching, meditating, drinking my collagen smoothies and green juices for my joints, eating well, and so on. 

I got in some PT this week and saw the chiropractor. Hopefully things will settle again in a few days. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my weekend. There are a few recipes I’d like to try and some spring cleaning I’d like to get cracking on! 


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