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For the exception of baseball, my son has been in just about every sport you can think of. I think that’s the only way for a kid to find what they love – expose them to many different things to see what sticks. I wasn’t all for tackle football, but I let him try that too. I think my biggest act of love was sitting through 90 degree weather (thanks, LA!), four times a week for 3 hours a pop to watch him practice. So not my sport but my son is a die-hard football and Eagles fan (he wants me to add that he loves LeSean McCoy). But he soon learned that playing it was an entirely different thing. If it were up to me, he would be doing track or soccer but it was not his passion (neither was guitar, piano, dancing, water polo and all the things parents sign their kids up for). But this year, he tried out for wrestling and he loves it. There’s definitely a brotherhood between his coach and the team that he will remember forever. He heads over to practice every evening after homework and tutoring. Like I said, there’s much to do this semester, as he continues to get acclimated to the high school pace.
High School isn’t just all grades and sports … It’s chock-full of friends and girls too. There are days he leaves here with more cologne on than a club in mid-town Manhattan. He also thinks about his appearance, and asks me to help him do his hair in the morning (because it needs to be very Henry Cavill), schedule his barber shop appointments and help him figure out which skin care products are the best for him. And of course there are days where he’s like “meh, who cares.” But I’m definitely starting to see a lot more self-care habits these days.
Mary Kay sent me their latest product MK High Intensity Sport Cologne which, according to my son, smells delicious. It has a very fresh and invigorating scent with hints of crushed mint leaf, violet pepper, wild birch bark and amber. He’s right – It really does smell delicious. I would love for you to try too along with a few other Mary Kay Men products.

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Giveaway: In the comments section, tell me why this set would be prefect for the special guy in your life this holiday season. One lucky reader will receive a Mary Kay Men Face Bar, the Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Advanced Eye Cream, Shave Foam, Cooling After-Shave Gel and the MK High Intensity Sport Cologne. The winner will be randomly chosen through Random.org. The giveaway ends Monday, December 8th at 9am PST. The winner will receive an email in addition to me announcing it here on the blog. The winner must respond within 48 hours otherwise another winner be chosen. US only. Good luck!

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  1. This set would be great for my brother who is turning 15 next week & in his 1st year of high school. Your blog entey reminded me a lot of what he’s going threw right now

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