the calm before the storm

Thank goodness we didn’t have to weigh in with our luggage before boarding our flight because after my trip to New Orleans, I would’ve been told to keep my fried green tomato eating self at The Roosevelt

Can’t think of a time I ate quite that much and walked that many miles for a taste of fluffy heaven-like powered up dough. Café du Monde was so worth it, even in August NOLA heat. There to present a panel at the Niche Mommy Conference with Ana and Yvonne, we made it a point to savor the food, take in Bourbon Street and enjoy the music. As we walked about the town, thoughts of Katrina crossed my mind several times, especially after news of Hurricane Isaac making its way over. I looked at the city as a colorful yet vulnerable place – lots of extraordinary history, music and stories of tragedy and triumph. In all its bustle, I felt the ghost of Katrina and couldn’t help see those devastating images from just seven years ago. Although the streets were filled with sounds of jazz and blues, it felt quiet as the news of Isaac increasingly took over the television. I flew back home feeling uneasy about the unknown. Considering what could have happened, I was relieved that the same devastation did not reoccur.

NOLA, thank you for hospitable welcome, delicious cuisine and all around great time.

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