Stepping into senior year

Tracking PixelThis post was in collaboration with AXE. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Senior year tips Axe

It really just hit my son that he’s going to be a senior in high school in a few days. It’s the last year he will sit in class with his fellow classmates, throw a football on the field and attend school dances. In fact, he looked over at me the other day and said, “Mom, I remember the first day of freshman year. The seniors looked so grown, like men. And now, that’s me.” Seriously, it’s so hard to hold back tears. These last few years have gone by so fast. To celebrate this new chapter, we’ve collaborated with AXE. They approached me to help educate on the products, and since we believe in their “Find Your Magic” message, which promotes body positivity and confidence, we were thrilled to partner with them.

Stepping into senior year with confidence

My son started off the year by taking his senior portraits, and is already planning what he wants to wear for prom and his graduation. Even though he wears a lot of denim and printed tees, he enjoys dressing up and grooming himself meticulously for parties (he’s currently trying to grow out a goatee!),,, because girls.

My son recently tried three AXE products to help him get ready for a second set of senior photos (we wanted a few lifestyle shots), and he really enjoyed the scent and long-lasting wear.

Axe products

AXE YOU Body Spray

AXE Signature Gold Antiperspirant Dry Spray

AXE Signature Night Antiperspirant Dry Spray

His favorite was the AXE YOU Body Spray because he didn’t know that body spray was even an option for him. In fact, most guys don’t know how or when to use AXE body and dry sprays. About 64% of young guys think body spray and dry spray are the same thing*. Infact, 1 in 2 guys think that they should apply body spray to their underarms!*

axe body spray

*Ipsos Body Spray Drivers and Barriers, 2017 or Ipsos, 2017

After showering, my son applied the AXE Signature Gold Antiperspirant Dry Spray under his arms, which he liked way better than a stick (also stays dry for up to 48 hours) and the AXE YOU Body Spray all across his chest, midsection and neck (for the extra “swag”).

Knowing the importance of wearing just the right amount of fragrance (because mom), he sprayed the AXE YOU Body Spray in the shape of a “7” to make sure he didn’t overdo it. It stays fresh all-day long so a little goes a long way. It has a really great fresh-out-the-shower scent that’s perfect for day or night. Check out this great AXE video to learn more.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’m all about helping you ‘find your magic’ and shine. A little self TLC is a great boost before you head out to face the world. I’ve always encouraged my son to take pride in caring for himself and be confident and him in all his glory.  He loves to joke (he’s got some serious comedic timing), dance and write. He also has no qualms telling you how he feels, and as a mother raising a boy to be a man, I think it’s important to show our boys the art of articulating their thoughts and expressing what’s in their heart.

Stepping into senior year

We’re in for a very exciting year. He’s stepping into his greatness, and I could not be more proud of my young man.

To learn more about AXE and the proper usage of its products, visit axe.com. Also, check out this video

This post was in collaboration with AXE. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Totally great read! Michael is growing so fast and such a handsome guy!! You taught me something new between dry spray and body spray. THANKS!!! Now Joel won’t overkill when he spraysq

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