Flor de Aguada, Puerto Rico


I have not been able to focus on this blog or much of anything these days. I’ve been worried sick about my family in Puerto Rico. They live in a rural area in Aguada, which is located on the west side of the island. They’re running out of food, they have no water and my great aunt needs medication to live. The banks are closed and she has no way of getting her refills. My cousin in Mississippi received one call from her brother/my other cousin and that’s it. He was able to use someone’s phone in a location that had Wi-Fi. At that time, he said they were fine but only had two weeks worth of food.

My aunt, my mother’s sister, moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico a few years ago with her partner to retire. A few months ago, her partner passed away. My aunt, who was still grieving, fled to Rincón for safety during Irma. When it was over, she went back home and fortunately her home was still intact. However, a week later, she found herself driving back to Rincón when Maria started to pick up speed. At this point, we are not sure if she lost her home. She sent my mother a text a few days after Maria and we have not heard back from her since.

I’m sad. I’m angry. I feel helpless. I’m doing what I can from where I sit as I wait for an update. We’ve been hosting Twitter storms urging congress to make moves and I’ve been working on art to raise money.

We All Grow Latina Network included me as one of three artists to create a piece to raise money for Puerto Rico and Mexico. I am joined by Denise Cortes aka Pearmama and Jessica Resendiz aka Raggedy Tiff.

Denise Cortes PearMama

100% of the profits from your purchase will be donated to rebuilding and relief efforts in Mexico and Puerto Rico. There are prints, canvases, t-shirts and mugs available. I would love your support. PURCHASE.

Jessica Resendiz Raggedy Tiff

Please join me on Twitter by using the hashtag #UnidosPorPuertoRico. La Isla del Encanto is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. Anything you can do helps.

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