Transmission LA at MOCA

I felt it was high time I took my son to a rave. A little techno didn’t hurt anyone, right? This time I decided I’d leave the Wonder Woman cape and lunchbox at home though, you know. I kid, I kid. This is actually a super cool art show at MOCA curated by Mr Beastie himself Mike D. The exhibit explores the relationship between music and imagery – and how one inspires the other. Tons of electronica and break beats to boot – pretty much my car playlist. I have no idea what kids are listening to these days, which was a dreamy concept when Peanut Wolf spun a bit of Din Daa Daa, Paper Thin and of course Paul Revere. The show and festivities end this weekend. I say you officially have Cinco de Mayo plans! Want to know more? Check out my write-up for CBS Best of LA.

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  1. Hey Rachel,

    Your writing and insite on the day to day is very illuminating. I enjoy reading your post because you always stay true to your artistic side, education and who you are. You always find a way to keep it real, without having to always come right out and a say it. It’s incredible how you make Art the centre of almost everything and how you connect it with everyday life. I’ve always admired that about you. The Transmission LA piece is amazing and makes me wish I could’ve been in LA to go! Just saying…..

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