(Florida) ebb and flow

What a lovely stream of pure peace. The pictures alone have a calming effect on me and remind that I need to take moments out of my day to just be still. Relax. Breathe. These were taken on my last day in Florida at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Del Rey Beach. And although the humidity was unbearable at times – I was happy and grateful to take the day to enjoy a more non-Miami nightlife experience, which had been the case for about 5 days straight. Don’t get me wrong, I was all about the Eden Roc on South Beach but there’s only so much of that I can do until I need to sit in peace and reflect. I find Japanese Gardens to be the most soothing for my restless soul. They make me realize how fast we’re all moving and just how much noise exists in our minds. They connect me back to nature and myself. They inspire me to add more earth and water elements to my home, to create more, to meditate more, eat better and rest more.

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