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Shifting the change of life mindset

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I recently mentioned that perimenopause has reared its ugly head. It leaves me questioning the cruelness of mother nature sometimes, as this is also the age of many women whose children are in their teen years. Talk about a hormone collision. So unfair.

Shifting the change of life mindset

I have to work really hard to regulate the ups and downs that just seem to appear out of nowhere. My Naturopath feels I’m too young to feel this way, and that a few lifestyle changes will not only relieve my symptoms but prolong full-blown menopause. Because Lawd help us. I’m not ready for that just yet.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to help simmer down peri-ness:

Maca: I swear by this stuff. I feel a world of difference when I have a spoonful everyday in my almond milk. I really feel it when I don’t take my dose. I highly suggest it, but be sure to ask your doctor first. There are some people that actually do not benefit from Maca.

Exercise: I’m so busy and everyday is different for me. It’s so hard to get to the gym. I’ve been doing Popsugar fitness at home and it’s been amazing. They have cardio, yoga, dance, pilates,  you name it. You can take a 15 minute high-power class or commit the full-hour. Also, it’s free!

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Nature: If you live on the east coast and dealing with snow, this might be a tough one if it’s freezing. But any hint of fresh air will do wonders for you. Try to get some of that noon sun vitamin D in your system.

Eat well: I have lessened my sugar and carb intake by starting the Slow Carb Diet. It’s pretty strict but it allows for one cheat day, which is great and has really put into perspective just how poorly I was eating. I thought I was eating OK. Not really. I’ve been eating like my Cheat Day almost everyday!

Essential Oils: I can’t get enough of my diffuser. It’s a delicious distraction from my racing mind, and helps to center me.

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Friendships: Fortunately, a few of my friends (with teens) are going through the same thing. The DMs are filled with “giiirrrrl!” It helps. A lot. By the time we finish chatting, we’re laughing about something completely unrelated.

TLC: You may not feel like doing your hair or makeup some days. That’s fine. But don’t let it take over.  Go to a salon or spa. Get a fresh haircut or manicure. Or buy yourself an accessory (you’re probably not in the mood to shop for clothes). This Chicos ruana has been everything right now. It’s a touch of chic on those days I need an effortless look.


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